An Inclusive Invitation to ALL franchisors – A UK First!

Posted 11/11/2020 : By: Debbie Dennis

There are many franchise events throughout the year. The best, by a long way, has always been the bfa conference and the annual awards event, sponsored by HSBC.

This year for the first time ever both events are open to EVERY franchisor, whether or not they are a bfa member.

The conference is centred around keynote speakers, a live debate and much more.

For details and to register please go to:

In the evening, which you can attend from the comfort of your armchair with all suitable refreshments to hand, will be the HSBC Franchise Awards. Normally this is a black tie and posh frock affair, usually accompanied by a hangover! This year there will be a studio streamed live event. There are obviously positives and negatives in having the virtual awards;

Negatives are obvious; no good old fashioned networking, no wow at the amazing dresses, no dad dancing and most importantly the physical recognition of the amazing winners.

Positives are many: You are all guaranteed the best Seat in the House, you choose what to eat and drink, you can make as much noise as you like without offending anyone, you can still dress up, and most importantly you can see and hear about the most amazing franchisors and franchisees. Inspiring, humbling, innovative, resilient….. just four of the words that come to mind after the five days of judging earlier this month.

The event is open to franchisors, franchisees and the extended franchise family.