Announcing the launch of our brand new independent d&t Franchise Funding service

Posted 16/07/2018 : By: Debbie Dennis

d&t have been helping thousands of franchises manage their finances for many years now. But one thing we've noticed is that there's a need in franchising for a truly independent funding service.

A service that takes the time to understand each individual situation, and source the finance solution that works best for those specific circumstances.

Whether you're just starting out on the franchise journey or looking to grow or diversify an existing business venture, d&t's experienced team of experts can guide you to a funding solution that suits you best.

From start to finish, the team will work with you to find the best financing solution for your circumstances, and make sure the whole process is straightforward and clear. And, while we have direct links with the big names such as Lloyds, HSBC, NatWest, Metro Bank and AIB, we also have a wide range of alternative funding sources, too, because we aren't restricted to any one provider/lender. We can scour the complete marketplace to get the very best deals.

We offer free template set ups to franchisors, so that you only pay for what you actually use. Our experts put together tailored business plans, and walk the applicant through every step of the funding application process, so you can be confident you're in safe hands.

Our industry authorities:
Dave Williams is a specialist in franchising and the provision of Banking and Finance solutions to franchisors and franchisees. He is the ex-director of Franchising at RBS England & Wales and NatWest Scotland.

Colin Chadwick is an experienced Business and Financial consultant and also ex-director of Franchise Development at NatWest.

They both bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to #TeamDT.

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