Ashtons Franchise clients CCTV Camera London launch their franchise with first franchisee

Posted 21/09/2017 : By: Debbie Dennis

CCTV Camera London Ltd is delighted to announce that Mr Iman Kheyri is their first CCTV franchisee in the UK. Iman will focus on service and assist customers in the West London area, with marketing support from head office.

Iman’s love for CCTV technology began in Turkey. He has been installing CCTV for seven years now and literally has installed in every type of business or home. He has wealth of knowledge and can do many things. He is hard working, professional, friendly and always helpful. He has a background in security and it compliments his CCTV skills.

‘I particularly enjoy CCTV because it is a new technology and it can really work if installed properly. I love completing jobs and impressing customers with my skills and making them safe. The CCTV Camera London Franchise option was an easy decision for me. I have seen how they work and how they look after customers. This is the way, I want to build and grow my business.’ Iman

Iman will ensure that CCTV security systems are installed to the customers exact requirements. Faults will be repaired quickly or parts upgraded to ensure that the system works to its full potential. He will advise on the best CCTV security methods and run demonstrations of their most practical features offering help, guidance and support when customers need it the most.

In recent years, the demand and the benefits that CCTV provides have risen, while the cost has decreased. With HD images, as now standard; this is a must have solution for both homes and businesses.

Recent events have also put security high on everyone’s agenda, creating a rising demand for high quality CCTV to be designed, installed, upgraded and maintained professionally, so that it is constantly effective. With over 8 years’ experience CCTV London are the go to experts!

CCTV Camera London Ltd are currently looking for suitable people for the North and South London franchisees.