bfa and ITN Productions announce collaboration in ‘Franchising the Next Generation’

Posted 17/12/2018 : By: Debbie Dennis

Due to the success of The Future is Franchising, the British Franchising Association’s (bfa’s) and ITN’s first series on the franchising sector, the bfa has partnered with ITN Productions again to create ‘Franchising the Next Generation’.

Presented by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, the flagship news-style programme will take an in-depth look at how modern franchises operate and will spotlight the huge opportunities open to potential franchisees.

‘Franchising the Next Generation’ will showcase the people behind these success stories and will explain how young entrepreneurs looking to start their first business can become part of the growing phenomenon. Furthermore, the programme will examine why international brands look to the UK as an example of how a business should be run, explore how international franchises operate in the UK and will highlight the integral role the bfa plays in setting the very best of standards.

Drawing upon ITN’s 60-year heritage and expertise in storytelling, the news-style piece will combine interviews and reports with sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations and will premiere at the bfa’s annual conference in June 2019.

Pip Wilkins, Chief Executive, British Franchise Association, said: “After the success of our first collaboration with ITN, we knew that we wanted to elaborate on these themes further and take a closer look at the franchising sector and how to get involved, spreading the word and showing the benefits of a career in franchising.

“We are delighted to do this again, and feel that this will further our mission to be the leading educators in franchising both in the UK and further afield, while also highlighting businesses where franchising has been key to their success.”

“The franchising sector has never been healthier. Our latest stats show franchising is contributing more to the UK economy than ever before, and very pleasingly there are now a higher percentage of both under 30 franchisees and female franchisees than we have ever recorded. The sector continues to grow, and enabling opportunities the wider business world simply would not.”

Elizabeth Fisher-Robins, Head of Industry News at ITN Productions, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the British Franchise Association to create ‘Franchising the Next Generation’. We hope this programme continues to spotlight the importance of the franchise industry and the opportunities available for the next generation.”

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