BizSmart® launches franchise model

Posted 02/12/2020 : By: Debbie Dennis

BizSmart® was born out of the recognition that too many businesses fail to scale to the level where the business owner has the control and freedom they are looking for. At BizSmart®, the business has developed a rock-solid system proven to help business owners create a business that has real intrinsic value - giving the business owner the freedom and control they are seeking.

Their founder and MD, Kevin Brent, spoke to Which Franchise about what makes the franchise standout from others and why it is worth investing in the brand.

Q1. What makes your franchise standout?

There is nothing quite like BizSmart on the market and no other business support provider UK wide who competes with our approach, service offering and proven business model.

We are on a mission to disrupt the support market for owner managers of businesses which have between 2 and 30 employees, as we believe that the alternative support available for small and medium sized businesses is mediocre and we know that we can do better.

This lack of proven support is one of the reasons why only 4% of businesses in the UK successfully scale beyond a £1 million turnover and reach approximately 10 – 12 employees, and also why so many business owners end up in something we call the ‘owner’s trap’ where they have created a business that is over dependent on them.

To overcome this, we have honed a system that provides the insights and structure to help business owners really scale, harnessing the power of peer experience and expertise, all whilst enabling the franchisee to build a sizeable and profitable business

Q2. Why is it worth investing in your brand?

We have spent the last 8 years honing the BizSmart model and are poised to disrupt and dominate the UK support market for owner manager businesses. The success of our approach has been proven time and time again in Worcestershire and we now look forward to working with Franchisees to introduce and scale our approach UK wide.

The timing of the BizSmart franchise launch could not be more perfect, with national recognition and initiatives promoting our way of working and encouraging business owners to seek additional support.

Q3. How is your franchise adapting to the current COVID-19 crisis?

There has never been a time when business owners have needed so much support as with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to the outbreak, we already delivered some of our support remotely via video conferencing tool, Zoom, but the pandemic has since accelerated and facilitated our move to virtual sessions, enabling us to reach, engage with and support increasing numbers of business owners across the region.

By providing us with the opportunity to showcase the power of peer 2 peer support delivered remotely, we are set to record a 50% increase in revenue for the year April 2020 to March 2021, highlighting the level of demand.

Q4. What extra support and assistance are you offering your franchisees during this time?

All our franchisees benefit from peer2peer support in the same way that our clients do.

This means that as a franchisee, you will have ongoing support from your fellow franchisees alongside the monthly ‘lunch and learn’ type sessions, which enable you to be fully prepared and to hone your approach to the monthly focus for your own clients, whilst also harnessing the experiences of the other franchisees

Q5. What plans do you have for the franchise over the next few years?

We plan to build an exclusive network of 30 franchisees over the next five years.

We are only looking for the best people who want to play a key role in our mission to disrupt the market and provide real value to owner managers.

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