Let your digital strategy branch out with FranchiseXcel

Posted 15/07/2014 : By: Support

With Google increasingly building localisation into its algorithms, it’s never been more important for franchises to do their utmost to appease search engines, but how should they go about this? Engage Web explains how its franchise-specific product helps franchisors and their franchisees in their internet marketing and search engine optimisation pursuits.


Google is sometimes accused of fickleness and springing surprises on unsuspecting website owners who, just when they think they’ve appeased it, fall victim to its latest unannounced whim - and drop down the rankings. This view is perpetuated by some digital marketing companies, who like to imply they are the only ones with the know-how to satisfy Google’s ‘riddle-me-this’ approach.While it’s certainly true that Google’s algorithms are a complex secret closely guarded by the Californian search giant, they’re not designed to trick site masters or web searchers, but simply to find the most relevant result possible for any search term. This ultimately means that hard work and vigilance is rewarded, and your rankings will depend upon the extent of your efforts to make your site a beacon of relevance and authority on its subject.It’s something of a different ball game for franchises, however, as they need to dominate in their particular geographical areas as well, for both customers and potential franchisees, adding even greater weight to the issue of relevancy. At Engage Web, we spotted this extra kink in the chain that franchise owners need to contend with if they wish to attract online traffic, and used both our vast digital market experience and our knowledge of franchise operations to come up with a specific product to help them.FranchiseXcel is a bespoke suite of services put together with the franchise sector entirely in mind. We believe that for search engine optimisation and internet marketing to work, it needs to be a two-way process. That’s why our approach is to listen to you and draw from your expertise in your sector, then complement this with our own savviness of the digital world.With writers based all over the world and boasting a whole range of knowledge sets, we can quickly create the right content for your franchise, even taking their experience and geographical location into account. It doesn’t matter whether you’re based in Liverpool, UK or Liverpool, New York – we’ll be able to apply the local touch. Since factual and grammatical errors are a turnoff for both human visitors and search engines, everything they write goes through our team of journalist-trained editors as well.FranchiseXcel can assist your franchise business, whether you’ve only just launched, or you’re well established. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still at the pilot stage or you have franchises all over the English-speaking world – we can make the web work for you.For more information on FranchiseXcel, or for a no obligation evaluation of your current online strategy, give us a call on 0845 621 4321, visit our website at www.engageweb.co.uk or email us at info@engageweb.co.uk.