Do you own a successful business operating with one or a few locations, and would like to franchise for growth? Franchising offers an effective route into building a national network without requiring the management infrastructure, time and capital investment of company-owned expansion.

Here we provide you with enough information to gain an understanding of the concept and benefits of how to franchise your business and point toward Ashton Franchise Consulting (AFC) services that are designed to help the prospective franchisor achieve successful national and international expansion.

Franchise My Business With AFC

Developing a franchise is not simple, and you need all the advice and experience you can gather to maximise your potential and minimise the risk of costly excess and wasted time.

AFC has all the skills, expertise and knowledge to effectively guide you on your journey.

We’re a team of talented specialists with over 35 years’ experience in assisting hundreds of businesses to expand and grow. We offer nationwide coverage and work with companies of all sizes and from all sectors.

Just Ask! We will want to work with you in any way you wish, focusing on your best interests.

The Initial Assessment

Do you find yourself asking the question: how to franchise my business? The AFC Assessment Analysis is your most important investment in the process of setting up a franchise. The twin goals of the analysis are for AFC franchise consultants to study the business and its market and identify what modifications may be required to ensure its smooth transfer to a franchise concept.

Franchise Development Programme

Our franchise consultants assist in developing all the elements within a Business Format Franchise, for example, the Franchise Prospectus and Franchise Information Memorandum (the detailed offer document), the Franchise Agreement and the Franchise Operations Manual. We offer a full range of quality services including strategic partnerships with franchise lawyers, accountants, bankers, territory mapping specialists and intellectual property lawyers, to name but a few.

Case Studies

AFC has helped many companies franchise their business nationally and internationally. Discover a selection of case studies and testimonials that demonstrate the solutions that AFC franchise consultants have provided to our clients.

Attend a FREE ‘How to Franchise’ Seminar

The AFC ‘How to Franchise’ Seminars represent an excellent opportunity for you to meet and hear from some of the country’s leading franchise consultancy professionals free of charge. These events are being well received by people who are considering how to franchise their business.

Franchise Operations Manual

A high-quality Operations Manual is a vital element of any franchise business. Without one, a franchise cannot readily get off the ground, let alone flourish. AFC franchise consultants can help you create detailed operating and training manuals that will significantly enhance your franchise.

Advice and Guidance

Using over 35 years of experience in the franchise industry, AFC provides franchise consultancy and produces definitive advice and guidance for businesses that are considering how to franchise.

Read these articles for key advice and guidance:


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