Highbridge health and safety company, C2 Safety becomes first in UK to launch business as a franchise

Posted 08/03/2017 : By: Debbie Dennis

A HIGHBRIDGE based health and safety firm has become the first health and safety company in the UK to launch their business model as a franchise.

C2 Safety will be taking their services all over the UK to offer franchise opportunities for safety advisors.

Linda Burke, C2 Safety’s quality and compliance manager said: “I am delighted that C2 Safety can now offer franchises throughout the UK.

"This is something we have been researching and considering for a significant time, and having worked with our successful business model for over 20 years, we are confident that it will work and look forward to supporting our franchisees.

"I look forward to seeing safety advisors and clients throughout the UK benefit from the practiced and proven systems we have put in place.

"It’s an exciting opportunity for everyone involved.”

The company said they are actively seeking franchisees to join their growing network and hope to grow to 40-60 franchises based on their unqiue business model.

Businesses that are interested in operating a C2 Safety franchise will get full training in all aspects of owning and operating a franchise as well as a full range of support services and independant business mentoring.

The firm has also raised more than £45,000 for a variety of charities across the UK in the last 20 years by giving a donation to charity each time they sign a new client.

Jerome, a C2 safety owner has been heavily involved in fundraising for charity and has run more than 90 marathons dressed as the company mascot, Fire Marshall Foamy.

He said: “C2 Safety is dedicated to helping our local charities here in the South West and we like to do as much as we can to support those to help others across our region.

"I personally am looking to complete my 100th marathon in May, which will be a 100 mile run.

"I am also hoping for a world record for the most marathons run in a company mascot costume as well as teaching myself to rollerblade ahead of an in-line skate marathon I am doing in September.