Home Care Preferred is on the hunt for caring franchisees

Posted 31/10/2018 : By: Debbie Dennis

There are a lot of good-quality homecare providers out there, and while outstanding quality is one of the things that Home Care Preferred provides at a grassroot level, it is driven by something much deeper.

Home Care Preferred exists to push forward the way that people think about homecare. It is a group of like-minded individuals with a passion for the sector, who also deeply care about its perception by the public. Home Care Preferred recognises that the perception is based on past tribulations, and it wants to change that through innovation, best practice and outstanding customer support, among other things.

When Home Care Preferred looks for franchise owners, it is not necessarily looking for individuals who have experience in the sector, nor is it looking for individuals with exceptional business acumen. These are the areas that the brand, as a franchisor, will help you with.

Home Care Preferred is looking for people who share its vision of social care fit for the modern age, one that treats its recipients with dignity and compassion. It is looking for people who recognise that the people administering the support are deserving of care and compassion in equal measure to the clients that it provides care for, and that they should be adequately remunerated for the challenging, selfless work they do.

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