Majestic Wine to McDonald’s: Brands want in on franchising

Posted 02/10/2017 : By: Debbie Dennis

Majestic Wine is rolling out a 'franchise-lite' model; time to follow its lead? "Franchising can mean rapid expansion without significant capital"...

Majestic Wine’s announcement that it plans to roll out a franchise-lite model is the latest variation on franchising, a popular option for UK businesses looking to grow.

From Driver Hire and ActionCoach to McDonald’s and Costa, brands big and small want in on franchising and have used the model to spur on growth – and to support budding entrepreneurs in making their dreams of starting a business a reality.

The franchise industry is operating at record levels with 2016 research from the bfa indicating overall turnover of more than £15bn, over 44,000 businesses and in excess of 621,000 jobs.

So, why is franchising becoming a sector of prosperity?

Majestic Wine’s move to franchising

Majestic Wine’s ‘franchise-lite’ model will see the managers of each Majestic Wine branch given the chance to become partners in the business, giving them greater control over the day-to-day running of stores.

They will also get a bigger slice of the contribution of their store instead of earning a bonus from a percentage of sales.

Whether you’re looking to follow Majestic’s lead and adopt a franchise-lite model or go down a more standard route, done properly the launch of a franchise can mean rapid expansion without the need to raise significant amounts of capital.

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