Podcast - Franchising your business

Posted 07/06/2016 : By: Support

Thinking of franchising your business or buying a franchise? Nick Williams of Ashtons Franchise Consulting talks to Business Coach, Daniel Latto, in this podcast about the main points you need to know.

Nick Williams, a Franchising expert at Ashtons Franchise Consulting, discusses in this podcast what it takes to either get your business franchised, or to buy a franchise and what you should look out for.The podcast covers:- Four characteristics that a business owner must have in place to be able to successfully franchise a business out.- The three ways a business can expand: organic growth, through investment and through franchising.Franchise businesses have much higher start up rates than standalone businesses, but they’re not for everybody.In this enjoyable podcast, listen to all the information – it’s content filled and vital if you’re considering either growing your business, or buying into one.Click here to listen to Nick Williams on the podcast.

Alternatively, download Podcast 40 here on iTunes.