Get A Drip

Get A Drip have well and truly disrupted the wellness industry! Now the UK’s leading Vitamin Drip provider, franchising has become part of their success story.

Founder of Get A Drip, Richard Chambers, originally approached Ashtons regarding franchising the business back in 2018. We advised him that it was not quite ready for franchising, but gave some points to work on so that it could be. Richard returned to us in 2020 and this time they were ready to go! Read more about how Ashtons helped Get A Drip to franchise the business in this case study.

The story about the origins of the business is a very personal one. The concept behind the brand initially formed in the mind of its founder, Richard Chambers, when he underwent a challenging experience in 2010. Richard found himself in intensive care, grappling with complications arising from his Type 1 Diabetes. Subsequently, for a span of seven years, Richard was frequently admitted to the hospital due to complications stemming from a compromised immune system. During these hospital stays, he often received treatment involving intravenous drips. Experiencing the revitalizing effects of these drips first hand, Richard was inspired to make such treatments accessible to everyone, not solely confined to hospitals or the privileged elite.

They are now a multi-unit operation with locations in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands (and growing!)

Want to know more about a franchise opportunity with Get A Drip? Click here.


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