Make sure your franchisees receive the most professional guide to success.

Your Franchise Operations Manual is at the core of your franchise offering as your franchisees will rely on it to guide them through the day-to-day running of their business. A professionally written Manual will ensure your franchisees are best equipped to follow your proven business systems and procedures.

Franchisors that have not taken initial advice and guidance from Ashtons Franchise Consulting (AFC) frequently come to us to strengthen the franchise that they have started. An important element of this is to review the current manual and identify areas where improvements can be made so that their franchisees better understand their responsibility to replicate the brand success and the philosophy, mission statements, goals and ambitions.

Manual Writing By AFC

The manual production facility of AFC produces operating and training manuals for franchisors capturing their know-how, business systems and detailed operational procedures. AFC welcomes enquiries from both established and emerging franchisors to help them produce these essential documents that are at the very heart of every genuine business format franchise.

Our team of manual writers has many years of experience in visiting franchisors and producing operational and training manuals that form part of initial and ongoing franchise training programmes.

How AFC can help with Franchise Manual Review

  • Detailed data gathering takes the information from the business expert, YOU, and identifies the key elements of your operation
  • Clearly presented and structured, your manual takes these elements and builds them into an ‘expert system’ for your franchisees to follow
  • Your manual promotes not just the mechanics of your operation but the look and feel of your brand, reducing the time you spend providing hands-on guidance
  • If you wish, we can provide periodic updates that turn your manual into a living document that grows and evolves with your business.

Read our article ‘Franchise Manuals – What You Need to Know’ here.

Are Your Operations Manuals Up To Speed?

We offer a free assessment of your existing Franchise Operations Manual.

For more information and to use our Franchise Manual Review & Update Service, contact us on 0330 016 0028, email or complete our online enquiry form.


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