Experienced experts in international franchise expansion, Ashtons Franchise Consulting (AFC) helps brands to plan and prepare for success inbound to the UK and outbound.

With our practical International Franchise Development menu, we can assist your business from initial research right through to Master Franchisee recruitment.

Step One – Initial Assessment

AFC recommends starting with a short programme to assess the suitability of the business for market expansion, a study covering important aspects such as market research, licence fee structures, capital requirements, financial projections, intellectual property rights, marketing the franchise, and other additional relevant considerations. The objective is to tailor the franchise offering to suit local customs and trading conditions for the target country in a practical way.

Step Two – Franchise Development

With Ashtons help established franchisors going global build on the initial practicality assessment by:

  • Preparing their own support structure for international partners, including reporting and control structures
  • Adapting their manuals
  • Creating an international legal agreement including a development schedule
  • Developing a suitable training programme
  • Setting up suitable marketing and disclosure material, allowing for any legal considerations in the target country
  • Planning a strategy for the recruitment and marketing campaign
  • Fine tuning the working model and financial consideration including initial franchise investment and ongoing fees from the franchise.

Wise franchisors expanding internationally recognise that success is built on true market understanding with flexible adjustment for mutual success.

Step Three – International Franchisee Recruitment

Marketing the Master Franchise Rights & Recruitment into the UK

AFC can coordinate your recruitment campaign, respond to enquiries and arrange introductory meetings between the franchisor and the prospective investors. For brands growing outside the UK we offer a referral service to experts in the chosen destination.

We Can Help You with International Franchise Expansion

To find out how AFC can help you transform your business into an established international franchise, call 0330 016 0028, email enquiry@ashtonsfranchise.com or complete our online enquiry form.


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