Training to improve network engagement is essential for the success of the franchise system. As a result, engaged franchisees are more likely to be motivated, committed, and aligned with the franchisor’s goals and vision. Here are some steps that franchisors can take to improve franchise network engagement through training:

Identify the needs and preferences of franchisees

Franchisors should survey franchisees in order to understand their training needs and preferences. This can include the type of training they prefer, the format, and the frequency. Always bear in mind that everyone is different in the way that they learn and absorb information.

Create a culture of collaboration and communication

Franchisors should foster a culture of collaboration and communication between franchisees and the franchisor. This can be achieved through regular meetings, forums, and networking events, for instance.

Provide leadership training

Leadership training helps franchisees to effectively manage their teams and build a strong culture within their franchise location. Franchisors can offer leadership training modules that cover topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, and team building.

Offer marketing and sales training

Franchisees need to be able to effectively market and sell the brand’s products and services. Franchisors should provide marketing and sales training that covers topics such as lead generation, customer service, and branding.

Encourage continuous learning

Franchisors should encourage franchisees to pursue continuous learning and professional development. This can be achieved through providing access to educational resources, attending industry events and workshops, and offering mentorship opportunities.

Provide ongoing support

Franchisors should offer ongoing support to franchisees, including coaching and mentoring, to help them develop their skills and overcome challenges.

Recognise and reward franchisees

Franchisors should recognise and reward franchisees who demonstrate outstanding performance, innovation, and dedication to the franchise system. This can include incentives such as bonuses, awards, and public recognition.

Establish a franchisee forum

Well run franchise systems empower franchisees through a Franchisee Forum.

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By providing training that meets the needs of franchisees, franchisors can ensure the long-term success of the franchise system. Outlined above are just some ways to make improvements, contact us to find out more about our tailored programme on training to improve network engagement.


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