Our franchise consultants assist in all areas of franchise development.

We offer a one-stop-shop for franchise development, featuring a full range of flexible services.  These include relationship partnerships with franchise lawyers, accountants, bankers, territory mapping specialists and intellectual property lawyers, to name but a few.

The full AFC Franchise Development Programme includes the following tasks:

Step One – Initial Assessment

Analysis and Franchise Business Planning

The first step is for AFC franchise consultants to carry out an evaluation of your company, considering all aspects of your business in relation to the envisaged franchise. Having identified the best way to proceed, AFC outlines the work programme and budget requirements. This thorough process will allow you to reach a highly informed decision and identify the most practical and profitable route to franchise your business.

Step Two – Franchise Development

Planning and Development

Our franchise consultants work with you to put in place the necessary infrastructure requirements. These include:

  • Developing corporate and brand images
  • Securing intellectual property rights
  • Briefing franchise lawyers
  • Writing operation manuals
  • Arranging training programmes
  • Defining administrative systems
  • Making financial projections
  • Attending to all other areas critical to success, before starting the recruitment of the franchise network.

Step Three – Franchise Recruitment


Central to any Franchise Development Programme is the recruitment of suitable franchisees. With years of experience in dealing with both franchisees and franchisors across a wide spectrum, AFC franchise consultants are well-equipped to help identify the most cost-effective strategy.

Publications and Websites

We will recommend all relevant channels through which to generate franchise interest.


Our skill and expertise offered are second to none in assisting businesses to grow and prosper through franchising. A professional approach, coupled with a complete range of quality services, has resulted in the successful creation of many new franchise businesses, the significant global expansion of established networks and the introduction of numerous franchisees to profitable and rewarding opportunities. For a business seeking to obtain membership of the British Franchise Association (bfa), the construction of the franchise must be performed with the requirements of its charter in mind.


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