Kokkiri Rice Dog

Kokkiri Rice Dog

Kokkiri Rice Dog is a unique Korean Street Food brand.

The Ricedog represents a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional corndog. Departing from the conventional cornmeal batter, a chewy and crispy rice batter covers the savoury sausage at the centre.

The concept was originally created in Canada and they enlisted the expertise of Ashtons consultant Phil Mowat to bring it to the UK.

The first franchise location was opened in 2023 in Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall, London. Co-director and owner, Steve, has since commented that Phil and Ashtons played a large part in the launch success:

“They seamlessly guided me through the entire process, from initial planning to the day-to-day operations of my restaurant. The support they provided was invaluable, and I owe a significant part of my success to their guidance.”

The Kokkiri Rice Dog is on the lookout for more franchisees, find out more about this unique franchise opportunity in the food and beverage sector.


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