BFA Accreditation for RZ-Clean-Seal

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We are pleased to announce news of BFA accreditation for RZ-Clean-Seal!

RZ-Clean-Seal only recently franchised the business (using Ashtons Franchise as their consultants), so to gain accreditation so quickly is an impressive achievement.

The British Franchise Association has been educating and setting standards for franchising for over 40 years. To become a BFA member, or to be accredited, involves being assessed on a number of criteria. Not only does the business need to prove viability, sustainability and transferability it must abide by the BFA’s code of ethics. Being a member means that not only is the business franchisable but it also meets the standards required to satisfy the European Code of Ethics.

Who are RZ-Clean-Seal?

RZ-Clean-Seal are commercial kitchen extract cleaning and sealing specialists. They have disrupted the industry by leading the way in promoting a sustainable future for food establishments. With over a decade in the making, their distinctive process has demonstrated tangible benefits, including cost reduction, diminished carbon footprint, lower fire risk, and enhanced system efficiency.

It is interesting that the way in which kitchen extracts are generally cleaned today are not much different to that of the 1900s! That is until now… Following rigorous testing involving cleaning machines, diverse trials, and assessments of their own product called RZ-Ecoseal, they have discovered the ability to assist clients in building a sustainable future while maintaining compliance with TR-19 standards.

The RZ-Clean-Seal Franchise

RZ-Clean-Seal is a management franchise – that is franchisees will manage their team to deliver high standards. A comprehensive 4 week training programme is provided and also full access to central systems for business management including marketing, administration, invoicing and financial management. This mean that an RZ-Clean-Seal franchisee can concentrate on providing great customer service. Find out more about this franchise opportunity at the BFA website.


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