Is There a Franchise That Can Fit Around Me?

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You may question whether buying a franchise can fit your lifestyle.

It can be a common misconception to think that there can’t possibly be a business out there that will suit your needs and work around you.

You are likely to fit into one of the following categories, but here are those misconceptions and the types of franchise opportunity that can cater to them.

The part-timer

If you only have a certain number of hours in the day, there are many franchises that allow you to choose your own hours to suit your lifestyle.

A common misconception is that all franchises demand a large amount of your time; this doesn’t mean you can invest in some businesses half-heartedly as all require a drive and passion for the business, but, if you love the idea of working for yourself, want a proven model but want to choose your own hours, there are many that can suit you.

For example, the van-based franchise Really Awesome Coffee is ideal for someone with limited time. You purchase the brand, the products, the van, and you are then free to work as and when you like.

This model also comes with the added bonus of being able to drive to different locations day-to-day.

For work-from-home mums, you may want to dip your toe back into working, but think that a franchise wouldn’t work around motherhood.

Creation Station is the perfect example of a franchise that allows you to book in your children’s craft classes as and when you like, and your own children are even able to come along and make some new friends.

For the ambitious – a Management Franchise

The concept of owning a franchise can sound a little constricting to many seeking to grow a business. even though many will see an established and proven model as a huge benefit.

Franchisors love ambitious, well-funded franchisees so it is always worth discussing with a franchisor whether you are able to expand to a second, third or even fourth territory in the future and/or if there will be the opportunity to take on area development franchisee responsibilities.

This can mean a far larger reach for you within the franchise system and with great support.

The inexperienced – Full Skills Training

A franchise is a model that has been worked on and perfected for a number of years.

The team involved in creating the franchise package have their franchisees and the businesses best interests at heart.

This means, that when they award a franchise territory to you they have full confidence in their business, and in you to run it.

Genuine franchise opportunities offer comprehensive training and on-going support to franchisees so that they are open to people with a variety of existing skills and expertise – and they don’t necessarily have to be within the industry that the franchise lies in.

When a franchisor commits to you it’s because they see potential in you. You just need to ensure that you can commit to running the franchise with enthusiasm and a love for the brand.

The hands-on – sometimes known as a Job-Franchise

Franchising doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be sitting behind a desk all week. If you enjoy the more active lifestyle, many franchises offer a chance to build up your skills and be as hands-on as you see fit.

Even if you don’t have an existing skill in a certain industry, franchisees will offer the training to begin running your franchise confidently and with valuable skills at hand.

Wilkins Chimney Sweep is a great example of a franchise that can offer you a new, and somewhat niche skill.

They offer full training on how to clean a variety of different types of chimneys; this isn’t a franchise based on hiring experienced chimney sweeps and running the office floor but one where you are fully engaged with your customer.

Making the investment decision

Even if you are still unsure that franchising is for you, all franchisors are keen to discuss how they work, how they support their franchisees and what your place will be within the business.

It is always worth talking and researching in detail to help you decide what will fit around your lifestyle.

By Paulyne Karahassan, Digital Content Manager. Paulyne has produced regular videos and editorial for many years with small businesses, franchises and industry professionals for all titles in the Dynamis Stable including, and


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