Media Information

We have links to a variety of media information on franchising. AFC in association with the Venture Marketing Group offers a portfolio of franchise publications and websites to advertise and promote the availability of your franchise offering, to prospective investors and franchisees.

For advertising media information, please contact the VMGL franchise team on 0208 394 5241 or email

Franchise Websites is the online counterpart to one of the UK’s best-selling franchise publications, The Franchise Magazine. is easy to navigate, as visitors are able to browse every printed edition of the magazine by franchise category or by an advertiser. The website also contains information about many franchise opportunities in the UK, the best advice and guidance for franchisees and franchisors, as well as real-life franchisee stories. With the latest franchise news uploaded daily, the website is a valuable resource for anyone looking to invest in a franchise.

With over 900 franchise opportunities in the UK, it can be difficult to know where to start your search to invest in a franchise brand. FranchiseInfo offers a wide range of franchise opportunities across the UK and overseas. It is the official website for the bfa-supported franchise exhibitions and provides up-to-date information on all the latest news, features and exhibitors. is the official website for Business Franchise Magazine. It is strongly marketed both online and in print and offers advice and regular updates on the franchise industry.

Franchise Exhibitions & Events

When exploring the idea of owning a franchise, attending a franchise exhibition, discovery day or dedicated franchise event can provide the ideal opportunity to gather essential information.

Events are held throughout the year all across the UK. These can be small one-to-one local events, regional meetings or full scale national or international exhibitions, showcasing a variety of exhibitors.

When attending a franchise or business exhibition, you should have a clear vision as to what you would like to get out of the day, before you start. If you can, review the exhibition guide before arriving at the event, making a note of any key seminars or conferences that you would like to attend. This will provide you with some structure for the day.

When approaching and talking to business owners on their exhibition stand/booth, remember that they are trying to impress you, as well as checking you out. Sometimes current franchisees are present on the franchisor’s stand, allowing you to ask first hand, what it’s like to own and operate the brand. You should never feel pressured into signing anything at an expo – you are there to broaden your knowledge on the subject and to collect information to help you in your decision making. If you do feel overwhelmed when talking to someone, you should stop the conversation and move away to gather your thoughts.

Franchise Publications

The Franchise Magazine

Since its launch in 1985, The Franchise Magazine is one of Britain’s most successful publications for franchisee recruitment. The consistent quality and high standard of professional editorial makes it one of today’s most sought-after publications of new and established franchise opportunities. The Franchise Magazine is an annual publication dedicated to promoting ethical and professional franchising. It is distributed extensively throughout the year, at all VMG franchise exhibitions and bfa events.

Business Franchise Magazine

Business Franchise is the magazine of choice for the UK franchise industry. Business Franchise provides a lively mix of news, vital information and expert opinion on the pros and cons of running a franchise. In addition, the pages of Business Franchise focus on franchising as the safest method of starting your own business, inspiring thousands of serious entrepreneurs to contact the companies featured. Advertisers in Business Franchise renew again and again – proving that the magazine provides the most effective market coverage and generates the most effective response.

For more information, please contact the VMGL franchise team on 0208 394 5241 or email


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