Franchise Consultants in Birmingham and the Midlands

Are you seeking franchise consultants in Birmingham or the Midlands? We are exactly what you are looking for!

Our franchise consulting services in the Birmingham and Midlands regions offer comprehensive support for a variety of franchising needs. Whether you’re a business owner considering franchise expansion or an experienced franchisor looking to enhance your franchise system or recruit new franchisees, our team of knowledgeable consultants are ready to assist you. If you are looking for  advice (our initial consultation is complimentary), don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re always open to a conversation.

We are not just a franchise consultancy in Birmingham, we cover all surrounding areas and in fact the entire UK!  All our franchise consultants have substantial hands-on experience within the industry, having served as franchisors or held significant managerial roles for many years. As a company, we’ve been dedicated to guiding businesses towards franchising success since 1981. We are committed advocates of ethical franchising and proudly maintain membership with The British Franchise Association.

Located in the Birmingham area and interested in franchising your business?

Our franchising process always commences with an initial session during which we learn more about you and your business. At this stage, a simple conversation might be all that’s needed. Alternatively, you may choose to proceed with our ‘Franchise My Business – Initial Assessment.’

Our initial assessment encompasses a comprehensive feasibility study, covering all facets of your business. This assessment serves a dual purpose: it empowers our franchise consultants to meticulously evaluate your business and its market while identifying any necessary adjustments to facilitate a seamless transition into a franchise model. The resulting report goes beyond assessing the franchisability of your business, delving into details such as:

  • Models: Delving into potential avenues for growth through franchising.
  • Financial Illustrations: Analysing the potential financial experiences of both the franchisor and franchisees.
  • Pros and Cons: Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of adopting a franchise model.
  • Requirements: Identifying the essential prerequisites for a successful franchise venture.
  • Strategy Plan: Assisting in the development of a prospective franchising strategy.

Franchise Development Programme

Next, we progress to franchise development, entailing the creation of all the necessary elements for successful franchising. This includes the development of the Franchise Prospectus, Franchise Information Memorandum (sometimes called the Franchise Disclosure Document), the Franchise Agreement, and the Franchise Operations Manual. Our comprehensive service extends to strategic collaborations with professionals such as franchise lawyers, banking experts, accountants, trademark specialists, and territory mapping professionals, among others.

Our adept team of manual writers can manage the entire writing process, or they can provide you with a template, enabling you to contribute content yourself for a more budget-conscious approach. All our development programmes can be tailored to meet your specific time and budget constraints.

Already a Franchisor?

Our franchise consultants in Birmingham and the Midlands can provide valuable assistance in several areas, including:

Franchise Health Assessment

As an established franchisor, you may encounter challenges impeding the growth of your franchise, such as issues related to franchisee motivation or recruitment. Our comprehensive franchise health assessment assesses the entirety of your franchise and offers actionable recommendations. These recommendations may include minor adjustments or a comprehensive transformation, all designed to reinvigorate your franchise and drive its continued success.

Franchise Network Management

If you’re facing challenges in managing your franchise network, our highly experienced consultant, Karl Sandall, is available to provide expert guidance and support. This may involve the development of comprehensive training plans, addressing issues, establishing clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), fostering a culture of collaboration, monitoring and enhancing performance, and facilitating the recruitment process.


Leverage our lead management and recruitment service to let us handle the groundwork, ensuring that you meet only top-quality candidates for franchisee recruitment.

International Franchising

We’ve been instrumental in assisting multiple UK brands in expanding globally and facilitating international brands’ entry into the UK market. If your company aspires to broaden its horizons internationally, our team possesses the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the entire process.

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