Unsure if you should franchise your business? Here are 10 reasons not to franchise your business. If any of these points apply to you then franchising might not be a viable means of expansion for you.

Franchising a business is not for everyone, be mindful of the 10 points below before you go ahead with any franchise plans.

10 Reasons Not To Franchise Your Business

1. The business is too complex and can’t be easily duplicated

Successful franchising is reliant upon straight forward replication – therefore a business with too many moving parts, that requires extensive training, is likely to experience difficulties.

2. It would be too expensive to develop a supporting infrastructure

Franchising is a low-cost way to expansion, but it’s not a no cost option! If the start-up costs run into the millions, then it is very unlikely that you will attract potential franchisees.

3. The trademark / brand isn’t strong – lack of distinctive features or USP’s

Take a good look at your brand – is it strong? Would others want to buy into it? What are its unique selling points? If you struggle to answer these questions, then franchising is unlikely to be a viable means of expansion.

4. You can’t franchise a concept or a business with little or no trading history

A prospective franchisee will need proof that the business is profitable and that the proposition works – otherwise why would they invest their money?

5. You have a controlling nature and would find it hard letting go of the reigns

One of the basic principles of franchising is that franchisees take on the day to day running of the business in a given location, if you are not prepared to let others take that control then franchising is not for you.

6. The business is based on a fad so is not sustainable

Fashions and fads come and go – an example here is the fish pedicure businesses that briefly flooded the market a few years ago and just as quickly vanished! For a business to be successfully franchised it needs longevity and the ability to withstand changes in consumer activity.

7. Franchising will not save a failing business

If your business is experiencing a decrease in profit and revenue franchising will not turn this around or provide a ‘quick fix’. Moreover, prospective franchisees will not want to invest in a failing business.

8. Franchising can be stressful – you need to be comfortable with developing people

Franchising is not for everyone. As a franchisor you will need to be able to provide ongoing support and training to franchisees, and also be comfortable in confronting franchisees that are not playing by the rules and potentially causing damage to your brand.

9. The business lacks nationwide demand – it is too localised or niche

Is demand for your business nationwide? If you have a brand or product that is very specific to your local area and could not realistically be rolled out across the country, then your business should not be franchised.

10. Lack of business experience – the directors are not ready to franchise

A lack of experience is a major indicator that a business is not ready to franchise. The company owners / directors should take some time to learn and gain experience in the areas that they are weak – franchising should not be rushed into.


If, having read the above, none of these points apply to you, then franchising your business could be the way forward for you! Want to chat about exploring franchising further? Give us a call on 0330 016 0028 or send us a message via our enquiry form.


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