You may be looking for a little help and guidance (rather than full franchise development) – this is where our mentoring service comes in.

Ashtons prides itself on offering what a client wants, not what we want the client to have.

  • You may be in the very early stages of preparing to franchise but want to “Get it Right” from the outset?
  • You may have set up your own franchise system yet want the confidence of learning from seasoned advisors before launching?
  • Possibly you are actively underway offering franchises and growing your business but want a sounding board and mentor?

In each case, we will tailor an involvement that adds value without adding undue cost.

We Can Help You

To find out how AFC can help you discover how to franchise your business with mentoring, simply fill in the enquiry form and we will be in touch.

What Our Clients Say About Our Mentoring Service

“I was very fortunate to have found out about Ashtons franchise consulting in 2020. I was feeling stuck with my startup venture and desperately needed direction and support to move the business forward. I had consultation sessions with Phil Mowat at Ashtons. This proved to be just what I needed. Phil knows his onions and I was very pleased with the service and ongoing support he gave me.”

“Charlie has been an amazingly helpful guide for me within the franchise sector for over 5 years. Having met him when my business only had one van, Charlie has shared useful information and strategies all the way up to 60 franchises. Alongside his mentorship, Charlie also completed essential franchisee documentation and oversaw legal documents being created. He is extremely knowledgable, personable and hard working. I’d recommend anyone who is interested in exploring growing a franchise business to speak to Charlie first!”


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