Developing a franchise is a challenging undertaking and only advisable when armed with a wealth of practical experience from trusted franchise consultants. Here’s how to ‘franchise my business’ with AFC.

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It is surprising how many budding franchisors seek help only after expending a substantial investment on failing to build a workable franchise package themselves. Accessing the franchise wisdom of more experienced parties is an insurance against having to re-tread these steps further down the line. This is a costly and difficult endeavour if franchisees are already signed up, especially if the Franchise Agreement needs amending.

There are a multitude of weaknesses to avoid, such as:

  • a lack of professional presentation and behaviour
  • weak brand profile
  • undercapitalisation
  • a weak infrastructure for training and support
  • a lack of commitment to franchising
  • unproven systems
  • an inability to adapt to changing markets
  • a lack of continuity in key management
  • a lack of effective communication with franchisees.

The British Franchise Association

As Advisor Members of the British Franchise Association (bfa), AFC provides Franchise Development Programmes to many successful franchises operating in the UK and worldwide today. We supply advice and full practical assistance in every aspect of realising the goal of establishing and maintaining the successful franchise network, from conception through development to implementation. We are able to come on board at any stage of development to help steer your franchise towards your goals.

AFC Franchise Consultancy Services

We have developed a number of effective Franchise Development Programmes, tailored to the specific needs of their respective market sectors for both large and small companies. At the conception stage, our franchise consultants can conduct a complete assessment resulting in a set of recommendations outlining a Franchise Development Programme suited to your business concept. During the development stage, we work with you to put in place the necessary infrastructure requirements. We will attend to all areas critical to success, before starting the recruitment of the franchisee network. Finally, when the franchise is ready for implementation, we are well-equipped to help you identify the most cost-effective marketing strategy.

AFC Testimonials

We have worked with many clients over the years and received some great feedback. Have a look at our client testimonials and also our client portfolio to see the brands that we have worked with.

Looking to dig a little deeper? Try our case studies page for an in-depth look and a journey ‘behind the scenes’ of franchising a business.

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