The golden thread that runs through every brand that our team has developed into a successful franchise is that they have started with laying solid foundations. This begins with a comprehensive data gathering by us and development of the assessment and high-level Franchise Blueprint.

Why Carry Out An Assessment?

In looking to franchise your business, this is the most important investment in the process of setting up a franchise. The twin goals of the analysis are for AFC franchise consultants to study the business and its market and to identify what modifications may be required to ensure its smooth transfer to a franchise concept. The analysis by our franchise consultants will identify the operation’s systems, corporate strengths and relevance in other markets. There will be aspects that are vital to the success of the business which should be built into the franchise concept. There will be elements that must be tailored to ensure that the franchise relationship is fair and profitable. There will also be elements that will not affect the franchise either way. The analysis will recommend whether the latter be included or removed depending on the competing costs involved.

We give open feedback as to the suitability of the business, and its capability, to make progress in expansion by franchising.

AFC Franchise Consultants

When you engage us to conduct an initial assessment, we consider all aspects of your business. Normally within three to four weeks of a first meeting, your consultant will present and discuss a detailed considerations report, which will help you to crystallise your thinking in all the essential areas that will be developed to ensure that your franchise achieves your goals.

The analysis should include a SWOT Analysis.

Having identified the best way to proceed, provided the outlook is promising, (there are normally three ways to franchise your business), we then recommend a suitable tailored work programme and budget requirements.

This thorough process will allow you to reach a fully informed decision and identify the most practical and profitable route for the benefit of your own company, as well as your future franchisees.


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